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Neither has ever confirmed the relationship, so we're left guessing.They're big movie stars now and they were big movie stars in the early '00s as well, but do you remember when Dunst and Gyllenhaal were an item? Now, the pair aren't close friends, but also don't have any animosity towards one another.

" Were there strained glances and empty silences, filled with the bittersweet memories of romantic gestures and unfulfilled promises?The Hollywood star has worked with Irish director Jim on 11th Hour, and starred alongside Pierce and Colin in After the Sunset and Ask the Dust respectively. Imagine you put it all together, it's perfect," she told the Irish Sun. Pierce and I, we've been friends for many, many years. However, when asked who she preferred - the Mexican actress simply couldn't choose. We've been on vacation together with our families, his wife and children, we've stayed with them in Hawaii. He was Bond when we met, I thought there might be an attitude with that. "Same as Jim, always full of fun, but passionate, feisty ... More Info Release Date: 16 August 2017 Starring: Drake Bell, Justine Ezarik and Jane Lynch Language: English An orphaned sparrow is adopted and raised by storks.When the family leaves for their annual migration, the little sparrow attempts to participate in the long, tough journey.

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