Andrea albert pierre casiraghi dating

Carlo Ludovico as the only boys should be the title heir but he was also born out od wedlock so I'm not sure how that works... She's a young, very talented designer 2) Paola Marzotto is Beatrice and Carlo Ludovico's s mother (also a designer) and EX-MISTRESS of the senior Carlo Borromeo (Beatrice's father).

Beatrice isn't because she was born out of wedlock. 1) The woman in the pink dress with the white fringed headpiece is Marta Ferri, Carlo Ludovico Borromeo's (Beatrice's brother) wife.

Several weeks ago, Princess Caroline of Monaco announced her eldest son’s engagement.

Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo, both 28 years old, had finally decided to get hitched after seven years of dating.

I wrote about it here if you’d like to review – I went into the history of the Casiraghi children and some theories behind the engagement, especially as the engagement comes a little more than one year after Andrea’s uncle’s marriage to now-Princess Charlene.

It’s definitely believed that Prince Albert married Charlene so that she could provide him with an heir, so the crown of Monaco won’t pass from him (Albert) to his nephew, Andrea.

In addition, Pierre’s side of the family was represented by Andrea and Charlotte Casiraghi, together with Andrea’s wife, Tatiana, and Charlotte’s boyfriend, Gad Emaleh.

In addition to the civil ceremony, many more flocked to a garden party themed to resemble a carnival that was held in the gardens of the Palace.

Le Jour J commençait donc naturellement par une cérémonie religieuse, suivie d'un déjeuner en famille.

Les festivités avaient commencé vendredi avec l'arrivée des invités à Stresa suivi d'un cocktail au Grand Hôtel.

Le lendemain, samedi 1er août, était placé sous le signe d'un mariage que le clan Borromeo ainsi que monégasque n'allaient pas oublié de sitôt.

Part of Hugo Boss was sold too (a daughter firm of Valentino).

Earlier this year the Marzotto family acquired shares in Hugo Boss again but owns only 7%, in no way the majority it had until 2007.

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