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Owned and operated by the Skočić family, Camp Krka is perfect for the road-trippin’ camper. The fictional character Winnetou was a Native American hero based on the books by Karl May, one of Germany’s bestselling authors. As soon as you hit the southern panhandle of Croatia, the sky stretches out from left to right. So while your German neighbor might opt for having satellite television on a camping trip, you might just want isolation, a compass and a hatchet. From Graz, stay on the A9 through Slovenia and follow the signs toward Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Many restaurants and toll booths near the Slovenian border will accept the euro.

Photo by Nathan Van Schaik, USAG Bavaria Public Affairs. While Europeans often prize convenience and access to things like restaurants and showers, Americans often desire little more than the rugged outdoors. Make the decision just prior to departure with traffic updates at I’m not sure why I’m surprised by the friendly service industry here, but I can say that it’s different than what you might experience in the Oberpfalz.

As a foreign traveller in Croatia, you probably want to connect with local people.

Many tourists feel sad for not being able to make friends in Zagreb. There’s the plot, the characters, the general mood and the main message. Croats will sit for hours in a coffee shop and talk about different things with no particular conclusion.

As Americans, it’s easy to criticize European-style, and, more specifically, German-style camping. Now consider squeezing a third of the American population into one state and you get an idea of the challenges posed to camping in solitude. All things considered, Europeans are quite civilized in their camping style. To reach the sweet spot of Croatia from Bavaria, take the 93 south toward Regensburg and head toward Passau, Germany.

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Our goal is to help you plan the sort of holiday that stays etched on your mind for years to come – and that starts by finding you the perfect property.

Later, in the 1960s, the character was played by French actor Pierre Brice in western movies wildly popular in Germany. Stay on the A1 to the E71 toward Split — another great city to visit in Croatia. TIP: Exchange euro for kruna early or withdraw kruna from an ATM.

It seems that European campers have different priorities than their American counterparts. Germany, which is made up of about 80 million people — and roughly a third of the U. And while not all camp sites in Europe advertise on the Internet, they are as plentiful as American convenience stores. Alternatively, you can head southbound through Munich but you’re liable to hit heavy pockets of traffic. English-speaking DJs on the radios, great restaurants, bars and a chic town center.

Head back north and spend a day or two near Plitvice National Park.

Take the exit to the D56 and follow the signs to Krka National Park. Croatians officially refer to their homeland as the Republic of Hrvatska, abbreviated HR. The country, however, does not use the euro currency. Krka National Park boasts one of Europe’s best yet most unorthodox beaches.

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